At Ottawa Massage Chairs we believe that one size does not fit all! Would you buy a suit or a dress from a store that had only one to choose from?

The same principle applies to a massage chair. Your height and weight, preferences for pressure and strength all matter.

Ottawa Massage Chairs can help you find the massage chair that best suits your needs and preferences.


Why Buy From

Ottawa Massage Chairs?


Why shop local?
Visit Ottawa Massage Chairs and you can try up to 7 different massage chairs right in our beautiful showroom. We feature chairs from North American suppliers (trumedic and icomfort).
If you ever needed service or help with your chair, wouldn’t it be comforting to know that you have a local contact to help you?
Ottawa Massage Chairs delivers a complete 2-year comprehensive warranty with chairs we offer. Peace of mind for your investment is important to us at Ottawa Massage Chairs.

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