iComfort IC4000

 Massage Chair

6-Mode Massage Chair

Enjoy a total massage experience in the iComfort ic4000 massage chair. With a Zero -Gravity feature minimizes stress on your spine by elevating your legs, simulating the sensation of floating.


It uses a 4-head rotating massage mechanism to simulate natural wrist movements, with 6 modes to choose from, 3 available speeds, and 3 levels of intensity.


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Massage Furniture Type                                  Electric Massage Chair
Number of Pre-programmed Massages        6
Massage Mechanism(s)                                    Kneading; Tapping; Shiatsu; Knocking; Heat
Intensity Settings                                              3
Material                                                              Faux Leather
Colour                                                                Black/Beige
Seat Width                                                         46 cm
Seat Depth                                                         47.24 cm
Seat Height                                                        53.34 cm
Weight                                                                88 kg


  • Features 6 massage modes to help ease tension and relieve stress

  • 3 speeds and 3 intensity adjustments to suit your comfort and achieve best results

  • Four head rotating massage mechanism simulates smooth, natural wrist movement

  • Zero Gravity feature elevates your legs above your heart, which positions your spine on a horizontal plane for minimal stress and reduced pressure, simulating the sensation of floating

  • Heat function provides extra soothing comfort

  • Made from durable aluminum and upholstered with tasteful faux leather

  • Width: 29.92" (76cm); height: 44.9" (113cm); depth: 53.15" (135cm)